Challenge Update – 2 months in

I’ve been really quiet, but that doesn’t mean I’ve totally fallen off the wagon.  I’m proud to say that July was a pretty kick ass month for me.  I’ve rocked my Super Summer Challenge sheets!  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to Back to Her Roots blog and check it out!

In July I lost almost 8 pounds as well as several inches.  I drastically reduced my soda intake.  Like majorly, I was drinking several coke’s a day and now I’m probably averaging one a week.  That is many calories saved people!  I’ve been so happy with this challenge and how great it’s been at motivating me, that I’ve decided I’ll start a new very similar challenge at the beginning of September to get me through the end of the year.

So what changes have I made and what things do I really think the challenge has helped me with? There are lots of areas I think I’ve improved on, but these three are what have made the biggest impact in my opinion.

  1. As i mentioned I cut way down on the soda consumption.  I get 10 points for any day I limit myself to only one soda.  I get 50 points for each day I don’t have any soda.  And I get 75 points for no soda for a week. (that’s only happened once.)  Also, I get points for drinking at least 8 cups of water a day, that helps keep the soda at bay too.
  2. Planks.  I need to work on my core strength in a major way.  The challenge has really helped me with that.  I’ve set a reminder on my phone to do a plank every other day.  I’ve been pretty consistent with that and have even planked on the off days at time.  At the beginning I could BARELY hold a 30 second plank.  Now I can routinely hold a one minute plank and have worked up to 80 seconds so far.  Once I get up to a 90 second plank the point value goes up to 75 points!
  3. Tracking my food.  I get points for each day that I track EVERYTHING I eat.  I get more points if I stay within my calorie goal range.

This challenge is for body AND mind, and I haven’t done as great at establishing as many good routines on the mind side, that is something I will want to concentrate a bit more on for the fall.

Anyone want to join me for a fall challenge?  I could post copies of my fall challenge point sheets at the end of this month.

Challenge update – 2 weeks in.

I spent the last week in paradise.  Seriously a week in an amazing house on the beach with my mom, my brother and his family and my little family.  It was GREAT and as I was tallying up my Super Summer Challenge points while I was there, I learned just how good vacations are for my mind.  My mind points for this week were at least 50% higher than last week. (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, I highly suggest you go check out Back To Her Roots and read up about the awesome challenge she created!)

The view from our vacation bedroom

The view from our vacation bedroom

Now, the body part of the equation?  That didn’t go quite as well.  I didn’t eat absolutely horribly, but i didn’t track one bite and I really didn’t think much about what I was putting in my mouth at all.  Aside from a few planks, a stretching session, playing around in the pool and a couple of strolls along the beach, there was little activity.  I’m still on track to be able to meet my goals for the summer. But I REALLY need to pick it up a notch to get the results I want.

Another revelation from vacation is just how big I’ve actually gotten.  When I see myself in the mirror, I know I’m woefully out of shape and need to do some serious work.  But seeing a picture of myself REALLY shows just how bad things have gotten.  I took most of the pics, so I’m not in many.  But as I was browsing through the photos my husband took today there were a few of me wading in the ocean with my little girl.  And wow, it was eye-opening for me.  I’m not “just a little chubby” as  I’d like to imagine.  I’ve well beyond that point.

With that in mind, I’m ready to jump back into things this week.  I went to a couple of  classes at the Y the week before vacation and really enjoyed them. (One was a Zumba class, the other a Hip Hop class.)  I definitely plan on going back at least twice this week.  And beginning no later than next weekend I will start the couch to 5k program as well.

Tomorrow will begin with a trip to the grocery so that I can have everything I need to eat well this week.  I made a small list of goals for the week,  (I get 25 mind points for that!) I created a menu of lunches and dinners for the week as well.  Hopefully this little time spent planning and prepping will spell success for the rest of the week for me.

How’s your summer starting off?


uh oh

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Which means I’m now stuck in elastic waistband pants until I get my rear in gear and get back on track.

3.5 weeks ago I started a 4 week challenge for myself. And let me tell you, I KICKED it’s butt for the first three weeks. So over 4 weeks I had four things I had to do.

1) Drink 8 glasses of water each day. The biggest reason for this challenge for me, is that if I’m trying to get in the water, I won’t drink as much soda. (Coke is my drug of choice!)

2) Don’t get fast food breakfasts on my way to work.

3) Run at least 3 times a week.

4) Do a 60 second plank at least 5 times a week.

I even created a cute little chart to keep track of my progress.

Like I said, I was doing FABULOUSLY with all four of these challenges until maybe a week ago. The water thing is no problem when I’m at work. I take a water bottle with me in the morning, then just refill it from our water cooler throughout the day. I hadn’t stopped for fast food on the way to work at all. The plank thing was actually pretty fun. We would have a family plank off many evenings. I rarely could hold it for a full 60 seconds, but I would do two to add up to 60 seconds when I couldn’t hold it all at once. I was definitely improving! The running 3 times a week thing is a challenge for me. I really DON’T LIKE running. And I find it difficult to fit it into my daily schedule. But I was doing it.

Then it all just kind of fell to crap. On Sunday, I jacked up my back, I dunno what happened, but one moment I was fine, the next I could hardly move and I was in pain. I took it easy Sunday and Monday (which means no running and no planks). Apparently if i’m going to sit on the couch all day, I am then required to eat and drink like crap as well. So, it all went downhill. This week I’ve drank a TON of soda, had very little water, eaten fast food 3 times, and not run or planked at all!

Okay, I’ve put it out there. Hopefully that’s enough to guilt me into getting back on track….we’ll see.