What’s Parent Work Laugh Trudge about?

This is the documentation of my life journey. Sometimes it’s an arduous journey. Sometimes I’m clumsy. Sometimes I just feel like I’m trudging my way through. But that’s exactly the point, even when things don’t go as I’d like, or things get tough, I keep on keeping on!

About Me:
What I am: a mom, a wife, a daughter, sarcastic, outgoing, a wanna be runner, lazy,
What I do: work full time, drink wine from time to time, spend too much time on Facebook, look ridiculous and sweat buckets when I run, sing horribly but loudly, adore my family
What I’m not: a writer, fit, fake, judgemental, perfect
What I don’t do: change the litter box, bake (I’ll cook, I just don’t bake), drive fast, manage my time well
What I like: to laugh, good music, fruity wine, steak, crafting (even though I rarely do), sushi!, making people laugh
What I don’t like: when I compare myself to others, mean girls, remembering all the horrible things I did as a tween/teen and knowing my daughter will be testing those waters before I know it, pickles

Tell me what you think!

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