Goals Goals Goals (In Depth 3&4)

Continuing on with explaining further my 19 goals of 2019.

3) Create a Money Binder.

As I mentioned in my last post, I handle pretty much all of the financials for our household.  My husband isn’t interested and as a result, doesn’t’ really know much about our financials.

I have been meaning to create a binder that has all of the basic information he will need to know if something were to happen to me.

Action Steps to achieve this goal:

  1. Purchase supplies.
    1. Binder
    2. Dividers with Tabs
  2. Gather contact info, account numbers, etc.
  3. Create Binder
  4. Review Binder and it’s location with Hubby.


4) Go To NYC

I definitely wanted some of the goals to just be FUN.  This is definitely one of those.  I went to New York City for a visit when I was in college.  My husband went for business last year.  My daughter has been dying to go most of her life.   We’re going this spring break!

Actions Steps to achieve this goal:

  1. Book lodging (done)
  2. Book travel (done)
  3. Loosely plan activities and buy tickets for activities.  (we have done a little of this, but need to sit down as a family and really prioritize what we want to do so that everyone’s number one “thing” definitely happens.   I’ve bought tickets for two of us to see Dear Evan Hansen, but we’ll definitely want to see more shows.
  4. Start taking frequent and longer walks to prepare ourselves for the amount of walking we’ll do.
  5. Do a little research familiarizing ourselves with the basic geography of Brooklyn and Manhatten as well as the public transportation.


I’ll be back tomorrow going over the next few goals in depth and will maybe give a week one update on progress as well!





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