Challenge Update – 2 months in

I’ve been really quiet, but that doesn’t mean I’ve totally fallen off the wagon.  I’m proud to say that July was a pretty kick ass month for me.  I’ve rocked my Super Summer Challenge sheets!  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go to Back to Her Roots blog and check it out!

In July I lost almost 8 pounds as well as several inches.  I drastically reduced my soda intake.  Like majorly, I was drinking several coke’s a day and now I’m probably averaging one a week.  That is many calories saved people!  I’ve been so happy with this challenge and how great it’s been at motivating me, that I’ve decided I’ll start a new very similar challenge at the beginning of September to get me through the end of the year.

So what changes have I made and what things do I really think the challenge has helped me with? There are lots of areas I think I’ve improved on, but these three are what have made the biggest impact in my opinion.

  1. As i mentioned I cut way down on the soda consumption.  I get 10 points for any day I limit myself to only one soda.  I get 50 points for each day I don’t have any soda.  And I get 75 points for no soda for a week. (that’s only happened once.)  Also, I get points for drinking at least 8 cups of water a day, that helps keep the soda at bay too.
  2. Planks.  I need to work on my core strength in a major way.  The challenge has really helped me with that.  I’ve set a reminder on my phone to do a plank every other day.  I’ve been pretty consistent with that and have even planked on the off days at time.  At the beginning I could BARELY hold a 30 second plank.  Now I can routinely hold a one minute plank and have worked up to 80 seconds so far.  Once I get up to a 90 second plank the point value goes up to 75 points!
  3. Tracking my food.  I get points for each day that I track EVERYTHING I eat.  I get more points if I stay within my calorie goal range.

This challenge is for body AND mind, and I haven’t done as great at establishing as many good routines on the mind side, that is something I will want to concentrate a bit more on for the fall.

Anyone want to join me for a fall challenge?  I could post copies of my fall challenge point sheets at the end of this month.

14 by 40 (Update #3, 3.5 months to go!)

It’s been a long time since I last updated my 14 by 40 goal list.  I’ve got a little over 3 months left until my 40th bday which is when this list “expires”  Here’s the list and what I’ve accomplished (or NOT!) so far!

  1. Train well and finish the Rock n Roll Lex Half Marathon. (I’m already registered and have sort of started training.) I scrapped it.  I was going to do a half marathon, then I changed to a 7 mile option, then I scratched it completely.  I was afraid I would totally regret it, but honestly, I don’t.  Trying to fit the training in and not progressing as quickly as I wanted to was totally stressing me out.  Running is supposed to make me feel good, not like shit. 🙂
  2. Take a family trip to ________.  I’m thinking just a weekend or long weekend trip.  Not a full on vacation.  Chicago or DC come to mind, Chicago is much closer and would be easiest.  We’ll see. Still no definite progress on this, but I would still like to work in a long weekend to Chicago this fall.
  3. Run in at least three 5k races. I ran a 5 miler on New Year’s Day, ya, it’s not a 5k, but I’m counting it.  I am signed up for a 5k in September in my home town, and I also plan on running at least one or two in November.  There’s a small, local 5k right before Thanksgiving that I’ve run the last two years.  I’d really like to try to run it every year.
  4. Take a cooking class.  Hubby and I were signed up for one, but got a stomach bug.  We have a credit with the business, we need to get on that!
  5. Take a trip with Sam (my awesome hubby.)  I really don’t care where, but a few days of quality time with no chores or parenting duties would be like heaven. YAY! Mission accomplished!  We took a 4 day/3 night mini trip.  It was really fantastic, we walked around holding hands, visited a museum, gorgeous gardens, nice parks, and saw Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5.  It was great to have alone time with my better half and I really don’t want to wait so long for the next time.  
    Fireworks outside our hotel room window.

    Fireworks outside our hotel room window.

  6. Get home to visit each of my parents at least 3 times. Not sure if this is going to happen.  I have seen them both, my mom I’ve seen several times, but I haven’t travelled back home much.  I’ll definitely see my mom in September.
  7. Take part in some sort of artistic class or event. I took an online phone photography class.  It was just meh, but, I’m glad I did it.
  8. Host a dinner party or two. No progress yet, need to get on this!
  9. Work on my pathetic push ups.  Train to be able to do 10 good push ups. I’m definitely working on this.  Still suck at them, but I’ve improved my planks tremendously!
  10. Spend a silly amount of money on a pair of shoes I love.  (I’ve NEVER done this, I’m usually way too practical.) Not yet.
  11. Go to at least one concert. Done!  
    Hubby and I waiting on the Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 concert to start.  So Much Fun!

    Hubby and I waiting on the Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 concert to start. So Much Fun!

  12. Attend at least one play or musical. I’ve attended quite a few with Skylar and have tickets for many more this season.
  13. REALLY for real work on getting a 5k time that doesn’t put me in danger of finishing last. I’m starting week five of c25k this week.  I’m still slow as molasses, but I’m still trudging along.
  14. Plan at least 6 fun mommy/daughter dates with my little SkyBaby. Skylar and I have had many mommy/daughter dates.  Most have been lunch and a play at the children’s theater, but we’ll be doing some back to school shopping together (her idea of heaven) in the next few days as well. 
    My little cutie at "Shrek, the musical"

    My little cutie at “Shrek, the musical”

It feels good to have completed a few items, but man, I have a long way to go, and not a ton of time to do it!

What I’d like to work on in the next month to make progress on this list:

  • Plan a dinner party for sometime in the next few months. (This has been a repeat goal all along for me.)
  • Get signed up for another cooking class ASAP.  (Revisiting the list today just reminded me we still had that) credit.  Hubby is checking out the website as I type to see what classes are coming up.
  • Keep plugging along with my c25k training.
  • Pin down dates for a small family trip.

Are you working toward your goals?