On A Roll

The past two weeks have been good.

I’ve been tracking my food and exercise.


I’ve stayed in my goal calorie range each day.

The exercise part of the equation could definitely use some help, but it’s not been completely ignored.  I’ve hit the gym a couple of times, I’ve done some strength training at home also.  But, I really need to work some more cardio in to my schedule.

I so wish I could figure out what it is that gets me completely motivated at times, while leaving me with no self-control or motivation at all at others.  Right now I’ve had self control like crazy.  I’ve cut WAY back on my soda consumption, even having several days with zero soda, which for me is a BIG deal!  I’ve passed on seconds and turned down desserts.  If I could pinpoint exactly what I need to do to tap into this current motivation when my mood starts to change, I’d be unstoppable

So, i’ve lost 2.5 pounds over the last few weeks.  I’m really happy about that.  It’s not huge, but it’s something.  I’ve not seen the scale move down in MONTHS. So to stick with a plan and see it work is very rewarding.

So, my goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Track my food every day.
  2. Get cardio in at least 3 times.
  3. Fit a plank in my schedule at least 4 times.
  4. Do strength training at least twice.
  5. Get to bed earlier than I have been lately.

What are your plans for the coming week?



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