Hi Stranger.

imageYa, it’s been a LONG time since I posted.  I wish I could say I haven’t posted in so long because I’ve been so busy running marathons and performing perfect push ups.  But, then I’d just be lying, so I’ll be honest.  I’ve been LAZY.  See that image over there to the Right?  That’s the history of my cardio trainer app.  As you can see my last real workout was in late February.  The only physical activity I’ve done since then is that 15 minutes of front yard soccer I played with my family a couple of weeks ago.  Ya, it’s bad.

I’m not here to say I’m getting back on the wagon and to set a bunch of fitness goals for myself.  Because well, been there, done that, failed miserably.  lol  What I have decided is that I’d like to blog more often, but about more things.  I’m just going to write about what’s going on in life.  I’m not writing for readers, I’m just writing to record what’s going on.

So, what have we been up to?  The school year is wrapping up.  Just 7 more days for the kids.  That also means that all of Skylar’s activities are wrapping up too.  I love that she loves to be involved, but man, i’m ready for a BREAK from it all.  Monday she had a Brownie event at an EMT training center to get their first aid badge, Tuesday was her last soccer practice, (I guess I could count that as some physical activity as well, the last 20 or so minutes of practice was parents vs the kids), tomorrow is her last piano lesson. Friday she has a bowling outing with her brownie troop and Jake has a concert at school. Saturday is Skylar’s last soccer game.  Next week is a full week of school then that’s it!

To wrap things up, if you haven’t watched this one yet, you totally need to.  It will probably make you laugh out loud.  I could TOTALLY see Sam and I doing this.  HA!


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