Accountability Sucks


My Cardiotrainer app is feeling lonely.

Ya, so Accountability sucks, but I guess it sort of works.

As you can see from my phone screen shot, I’ve logged NO exercise since Jan 21.  That’s like 3 weeks for those of you too lazy to count that up.   (No worries, I’m that lazy.)

I just haven’t been able to pull myself from this funk.  I’ve been super negative about running, and really pretty crappy about eating and exercise in general.  The last several runs I did were just frustrating, and I haven’t been getting that “I’m such a badass” feeling after my runs like I had been.   So, i just stopped.   And to be honest, I’m kind of okay with that.  I’m not okay with the fact that I’ve eaten like crap and not exercised for three weeks, but I’m kind of okay with not running for three weeks.  I mean, why continue to do something that I’m not enjoying, and honestly I just dread?  Life’s too short for that right?

Well, ya, it is.  BUT, and this is a big but. (I so want to make a joke about that, because inside I’m a 12-year-old boy, but I’ll spare you.) If you read my 14 by 40 post, Or the follow up post, you’ll recall that one of the items on my list was to complete the Run The Bluegrass 7 mile race.  Well, if I don’t run at all, I can’t do that race, and if I don’t do that race, I can’t mark it off my list.  So, this is where I say that the whole reason why I started this blog has come into play.  I wanted to write this stuff out here to be more accountable.  And ya, I’m not going to do awesome at this race, it’s less than 7 weeks away, and I’ve not trained for 3 weeks.  But, I want to finish it, and I want to feel good about myself for sticking with it.  Plus, how embarrassing when I do my next follow-up to my 14 by 40 if I have to admit that I dropped out of the race for no good reason other than, “I didn’t feel like it.”

So, here I am, making my declaration.   I WILL run, I WILL train for this race, and I WILL cross that finish line on March 30 and be proud of myself for it.

One thought on “Accountability Sucks

  1. You go Girl! worst case walk the dog “quickly” that’s how I’m getting back into the swing of things… kinda fast walkin’ with my dog on nature trails not city streets….it makes it more interesting for me…. you got this 🙂 and your friends are holing you accountable since you asked us to hahaha.

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