Breathing Easier

I’ve now had the chance to try out my inhaler on 3 occasions. (To read more about why I’m using an inhaler check out this post.)

Saturday Dec 15: Started the day meeting up with some good friends and some new friends with the Lex Run Ladies group. I LOVE the route we ran today. I did just over 4.5 miles out on a country road. The area is very pretty with some very nice homes and several horses along the way. The highlight of my run? Seeing this guy!
Cool eh? We run past this home/farm that has this zebra as well as buffalo, camel, llama, and a long horn steer. Sometimes they are shy, but today the zebra was right up at the fence visiting with us all as we went by. I stopped and he even let me pet him!

I used my inhaler for the first time and was really pleased with the results. I still breathe heavy and it’s not like it worked miracles and turned me into some amazing runner. But I felt like I could actually get a deep breath and didn’t feel like I was “chasing” breaths the whole time. I was able to run for longer bits of time before stopping to walk. I’m pretty excited about that.

The downside is that about 45 minutes after I returned from my run I got dizzy and just generally didn’t feel great. Apparently dizziness can be a side effect of the inhaler. A friend that has also used an inhaler said that she only got dizzy for the first week or so. I’m hoping that will be the case for me, because I was pretty much just laying down for an hour or so.

Tuesday, Jan 1:(please ignore the ginormous gap between runs, i suck)  I used the inhaler again for the resolution run 5 miler.  This race sucked so bad for me, I dunno what my deal was, but I can’t blame it on not being able to breathe.   Don’t get me wrong, I was still huffing and puffing, but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t inhale enough, which is how I often felt in the past, almost like I was chasing breaths.

Saturday, Jan 5: 2 mile run outside in the COLD (mid-upper 20’s) temps.  Again, I really feel like the inhaler has helped me.  I still have a LONG way to go to improve my cardiovascular capacity, but I’m definitely not struggling like I was before.

Verdict is that the inhaler is here to stay, and thankfully, aside from that first day I used it I haven’t had any more problems with feeling really dizzy after using the inhaler.  Maybe that was a fluke? Maybe it had something to do with still having a bit of a chest cold?  Who knows, but hopefully it won’t happen anymore.


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