Days 2 and 3 of RTB rookie training.

Just a quick post to check in.

Friday was day 2 of my Run the Bluegrass Rookie 7 miler training.  Just had 2 miles on the schedule.  For the sake of honesty, I was supposed to do this Thursday evening but flaked on it.  But I’ve made it up now, so it’s all good.

I ran on the treadmill before work, one of my least favorite things in the world to do.  But I got it done. The treadmill is just so difficult for me. I know some people actually prefer to run on the treadmill than outdoors. But i find it really boring, and I always feel like it’s harder to keep a pace or something. I dunno. It’s just awkward for me and I usually end up quitting before even hitting the 2 mile mark, so this was pretty good for me.
Distance: 2.00 mi.
Time: 29:38

This morning was day 3 of my training.  Another short 2 miler.  There was a training run going on out at Keeneland (it’s where the race is held).  Tons of runners were there, it was actually a little intimidating.  There were folks tackling all sorts of distances from the full 13.1 course down to 7 and 4 mile loops.  Since I only had 2 miles on my training schedule and I had lots of other stuff to get done today I just did an out-and-back 2 miles.  I felt pretty silly turning around, several people that had started later than I had asked me if I was giving up once they saw me headed back the other direction.  lol.  I did a much better job of sticking to my plan of running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute.  I won’t say i was perfect, but I stuck to it most of the time and even ran over 2 minutes a few times.  It didn’t really increase my speed from yesterday’s treadmill run, but today was a little hilly while yesterday was treadmill with 0% incline.

Distance: 2.00 mi
Time: 29:25
Avg Pace: 14:38 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 70 ft

I feel like I pushed myself a bit more today than I often do. And I need to do that more. I WANT to get faster, not fast, just faster, I want to be able to actually run with other people, and until I can keep a reasonable pace, that’s just not going to happen.

Note to self: I REALLY need to start taking some pictures of my runs to post.

4 thoughts on “Days 2 and 3 of RTB rookie training.

  1. I want to get out to one of the RTB training runs. I’m a little worried about how hilly the course is. I know there are those 3 or 4 killer hills on Old Frankfort Pike. My wife’s old neighborhood has some big hills, I’m gonna do some of my training there soon.

  2. Lee, I highly suggest trying to make it to one when you get the chance. Like I said I was a little intimidated, but there were really all levels represented. Plus Rachel from Well Fed was there with fresh muffins for everyone too! I’m definitely going to try to get out there once every other week or so to practice the hills. Since I did such a short distance this time I really didn’t experience them, but two of my friends did the 4 mile loop and the hills were enough to really scare them about the race! (They are doing the 7 mile race like me.)

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