10 days.

It’s been 10 days since I posted to schleppin.  (okay, does that sentence totally make you start singing this song?)

Well, even though I’ve been slacking about updating here on the schlepp, I’ve actually been doing a decent job of not being a total slack with my running schedule.

What I’ve been up to the last 10 days.

Calf Cramps!! I cut it short because of them.

Calf Cramps!! I cut it short because of them.

This was an early morning run on the treadmill at the Y.  A fast one for me actually.

This was an early morning run on the treadmill at the Y. A fast one for me actually.

Met with a group of LexRunLadies and ran a new "trail" I ran the first mile without walking.  Big deal in my book.

Met with a group of LexRunLadies and ran a new “trail” I ran the first mile without walking. Big deal in my book.

OMG AWFUL run on the treadmill, calf cramps and wanted to stop a million times.  I'm proud of the fact that I just stuck with it.

OMG AWFUL run on the treadmill, calf cramps and wanted to stop a million times. I’m proud of the fact that I just stuck with it.

What I’ve learned:

1) There is no “good” time for me to run on workdays.  I am not a morning person so early mornings are just hard for me to get out of bed. But, I’m just tired by the time I get home from work and usually any after work runs just suck.  I need to just start being a grown-up, biting the bullet, and going to bed earlier the night before I need to run, because overall, I just do better when I run in the morning.

2) Anytime I can make a running date, I should.  I’m just much less likely to flake out if I’m meeting a group or person to go for a run, even if we wont’ actually be running at the same pace together, (because let’s face it, I have yet to meet anyone as slow as me.) just knowing someone is expecting me to show up before we start on our runs will get me there 95% of the time.

3) I SUCK at pushing myself.  I don’t like feeling on the edge.  I CAN run further and faster than I have been.  Not by a lot, but I could make small gains if I just learn to push myself harder.

What else I’ve been up to:

Saturday after my run I did some strength training.  Pushups, Triceps kick backs, chest flies, shoulder presses, and bench presses.  I did 3 sets of 12 reps of each.  I just did it at home with the dumbbells I have.  But i was sore for two days after, so that weight must have been enough.

last night I did a bit more strength training.  3, 30 second supermans as well as 3 sets of 12 Dumbbell rows and Bicep curls on each arm.  Again, just used 10 pound dumbbells.  I actually struggled to finish all the sets last night, but I’m not sore at all today.  boo!

Today I was supposed to meet a friend at the Y for a treadmill run and a little strength training before work.  Instead I did way too many reps from my bed to the bathroom in the early morning hours and the early part of the day today.  So I’ve not run yet.  I’m feeling quite a bit better now, but i dunno if I’m brave enough to try to run today or not.  If not I’ll have to fit it in either Friday morning before work or Saturday after a full day of meetings.   bleh!

Just need to get 2 more runs in this week and I will have completed 4 weeks of my training plan with NO missed runs!



The weather was CRAPPY today.

My driveway, it's wet, and chilly.

My driveway, it’s wet, and chilly.

view thru the Windshield on my way to meet up for my run.

view thru the Windshield on my way to meet up for my run.

It rained almost all day.  It’s been pretty warm the last several days, but it’s rained a TON.  I had two miles on my schedule for yesterday.  I slept in and missed my window of clear weather.  So that meant I HAD to get two miles in today.   I knew that the new Revolution Runners would be running today at 4pm.  The RR is a group of new runners that have just started training for a 5k.  I figured I may as well head out and join them for a very soggy run.  It was in the low 50’s and pouring rain when I headed to the meetup point.

It was very wet and a bit chilly, but the time went FAST.  They were doing a run 60 seconds walk 90 seconds rotation today so I just joined in, but then added a bit extra on then while they were doing their cool down walk.

I got in my 2 miles in just under 30 minutes.

I have an early meeting on Tuesday so I can’t do a morning run.  I plan on moving it to Monday instead.  Which means I’ll have to head to bed soon so I can get my butt out of bed and on the treadmill tomorrow.

So, that wraps up week two of my training.  I’m happy to say I’ve done EVERY run on my training schedule so far.  Go Me!

This week I finally have runs on my schedule greater than 2 miles.  I’ve got a “long” run of a whole 3 miles coming up this weekend. 😉

To end up the post here’s a few pics of my daughter rocking some pretty awesome outfits.  She’s a riot.

We watched some Crossfit competition on TV, which prompted her to set up her own crossfit circuit in the living room.  Here she is with sweatband, towel to wipe said sweat, and cheetah print pants.  lol

We watched some Crossfit competition on TV, which prompted her to set up her own crossfit circuit in the living room. Here she is with sweatband, towel to wipe said sweat, and cheetah print pants. lol

She's a super hero.  And one day will hate me for posting pics of her wearing underwear over a leotard.

She’s a super hero. And one day will hate me for posting pics of her wearing underwear over a leotard.

Bit by bit

I’m chugging along with my training.   This week again I have three 2 mile runs on the schedule.  My plan for the week was Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Tuesday morning came way too early and my snooze button was my friend.  So no early morning run that day.  Then I was going to go to run with The West Sixth Running Club.  I’ve never run with the group before, but it sounds super fun.  (Plus you get a free soft pretzel post run!)  But for several reasons, none of which are really that good, I didn’t go.

Wednesday morning I finally got my butt out of bed and on the treadmill.  Have I mentioned how much I really HATE the treadmill?  My daughter would totally be telling on me right now for using the word hate if she were reading this… Anyway, I grabbed my daughter’s preschool version of an mp3 player and listened to kidz bop while I got my sweat on.  It was pretty much torture.  I didn’t want to mess with headphones when I’m in the house, but my play list on my phone isn’t 7 year old friendly, and I knew my mini-me would be up eating breakfast and getting ready for school before I was finished on the treadmill.

I forgot to take my inhaler and I could tell.  I’ll try not to do that again, I actually had to take a quick break at one point to catch my breath.

I again tried to push myself to not walk too much and to up my pace a little.   I seriously was sweating BUCKETS.

The blurriest picture ever of a stationary object.

The blurriest picture ever of a stationary object.

I increased my speed slightly from my last 2 mile treadmill run, but I was hoping for more.  I really ran out of steam toward the end.

Today I’m off of work.  I let hubby sleep in and I got my daughter up, fed, ready for school, and on the bus by 7.  I was even all dressed to go for a run right away.  But, I didn’t, I wanted to wait for hubby to wake up to see if he wanted to go with me.  By the time he woke up I had been fulled absorbed into the time suck of my laptop/Facebook/pinterest/etc.  So I f’d that up.  It rained and it’s still wet out, not so wet that I COULDN’T run, but enough that it really makes me not want to.  I have promised myself that I WILL do two miles today before I go to bed.  It may be in the form of a walk with hubby while our kiddo is at piano lessons or it may be a dreadmill run, but I PROMISE I’ll do it!

Breathing Easier

I’ve now had the chance to try out my inhaler on 3 occasions. (To read more about why I’m using an inhaler check out this post.)

Saturday Dec 15: Started the day meeting up with some good friends and some new friends with the Lex Run Ladies group. I LOVE the route we ran today. I did just over 4.5 miles out on a country road. The area is very pretty with some very nice homes and several horses along the way. The highlight of my run? Seeing this guy!
Cool eh? We run past this home/farm that has this zebra as well as buffalo, camel, llama, and a long horn steer. Sometimes they are shy, but today the zebra was right up at the fence visiting with us all as we went by. I stopped and he even let me pet him!

I used my inhaler for the first time and was really pleased with the results. I still breathe heavy and it’s not like it worked miracles and turned me into some amazing runner. But I felt like I could actually get a deep breath and didn’t feel like I was “chasing” breaths the whole time. I was able to run for longer bits of time before stopping to walk. I’m pretty excited about that.

The downside is that about 45 minutes after I returned from my run I got dizzy and just generally didn’t feel great. Apparently dizziness can be a side effect of the inhaler. A friend that has also used an inhaler said that she only got dizzy for the first week or so. I’m hoping that will be the case for me, because I was pretty much just laying down for an hour or so.

Tuesday, Jan 1:(please ignore the ginormous gap between runs, i suck)  I used the inhaler again for the resolution run 5 miler.  This race sucked so bad for me, I dunno what my deal was, but I can’t blame it on not being able to breathe.   Don’t get me wrong, I was still huffing and puffing, but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t inhale enough, which is how I often felt in the past, almost like I was chasing breaths.

Saturday, Jan 5: 2 mile run outside in the COLD (mid-upper 20’s) temps.  Again, I really feel like the inhaler has helped me.  I still have a LONG way to go to improve my cardiovascular capacity, but I’m definitely not struggling like I was before.

Verdict is that the inhaler is here to stay, and thankfully, aside from that first day I used it I haven’t had any more problems with feeling really dizzy after using the inhaler.  Maybe that was a fluke? Maybe it had something to do with still having a bit of a chest cold?  Who knows, but hopefully it won’t happen anymore.

Days 2 and 3 of RTB rookie training.

Just a quick post to check in.

Friday was day 2 of my Run the Bluegrass Rookie 7 miler training.  Just had 2 miles on the schedule.  For the sake of honesty, I was supposed to do this Thursday evening but flaked on it.  But I’ve made it up now, so it’s all good.

I ran on the treadmill before work, one of my least favorite things in the world to do.  But I got it done. The treadmill is just so difficult for me. I know some people actually prefer to run on the treadmill than outdoors. But i find it really boring, and I always feel like it’s harder to keep a pace or something. I dunno. It’s just awkward for me and I usually end up quitting before even hitting the 2 mile mark, so this was pretty good for me.
Distance: 2.00 mi.
Time: 29:38

This morning was day 3 of my training.  Another short 2 miler.  There was a training run going on out at Keeneland (it’s where the race is held).  Tons of runners were there, it was actually a little intimidating.  There were folks tackling all sorts of distances from the full 13.1 course down to 7 and 4 mile loops.  Since I only had 2 miles on my training schedule and I had lots of other stuff to get done today I just did an out-and-back 2 miles.  I felt pretty silly turning around, several people that had started later than I had asked me if I was giving up once they saw me headed back the other direction.  lol.  I did a much better job of sticking to my plan of running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute.  I won’t say i was perfect, but I stuck to it most of the time and even ran over 2 minutes a few times.  It didn’t really increase my speed from yesterday’s treadmill run, but today was a little hilly while yesterday was treadmill with 0% incline.

Distance: 2.00 mi
Time: 29:25
Avg Pace: 14:38 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 70 ft

I feel like I pushed myself a bit more today than I often do. And I need to do that more. I WANT to get faster, not fast, just faster, I want to be able to actually run with other people, and until I can keep a reasonable pace, that’s just not going to happen.

Note to self: I REALLY need to start taking some pictures of my runs to post.

Resolution Run

I’m a couple of days late on this one.  C’est la vie!

I was registered to run a 5 mile “Resolution Run” with two friends on new year’s day.   I figured it would be a great way to start off the new year.

It sucked.   I really didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t come up with a decent excuse, so I went.

My friends met at my place at 1 so we could hopefully get there by 1:30 for a group photo with the LexRunLadies.  We walked in right as they were gathering for the photo.  We ran over and joined them, the pic was taken, then I started feeling super nervous.   Like sick to my stomach nervous.

Of course by this time I needed to pee. So I waited in line for the women’s restroom.  Finally got out of there, got my Garmin ready to go, put my phone in my arm band, got my earbuds situated and waited a few more minutes to head out in the cold.

It was in the upper 30s, which I find to be a comfortable temperature for running.  However, it’s pretty cold for standing around waiting to start a race. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long at all.  I have to say, I’m amazed at the Uber Runners that start at the front of the pack.  Most of them were wearing shorts and a very lightweight shirt, brrrr!  I had cold weather Under Armor running tights on bottom and 3 layers on top.  (That proved to be at least one layer too much!).

The race was started, the Uber Runners ™ took off at the speed of light, and about 40 seconds later I crossed the start line.  It was pretty much a sucky experience from the first few steps.  Ever have one of those runs where you just feel HEAVY? Like leaden legs?  That’s pretty much how I felt the whole time.  Once again, I walked more than I ran during this race.

Things I learned from this race:

  • The base layer I wore SUCKS.  It kept creeping up my torso.  At first I tried to keep pulling it down, but it was a lost cause, by the first half mile my base layer shirt and the lighter weight shirt I had on over it were pretty much bunched up under my armpits.  So I had like a ring around my ribcage and was basically only wearing my jacket on my lower ribs and stomach. That’s how I ran for 4.5 miles.   SUPER comfy, trust me.
  • I should ALWAYS wear less than I think I need.  OMG, I got so freaking hot!  I was super thankful for a clothing toss box at the water station.  I ditched my ear warmer at the first chance (around 1.5 miles maybe?).  If I could have somehow removed that creeper of a base layer without flashing everyone I would have too.
  • Seeing a smiling familiar face cheering you on means a WHOLE lot when you’re struggling. (Thanks KATIE!!!)
  • A thumbs up, encouraging smile, or kind words from another runner that sees you are having a hard time goes a long way in boosting your spirits.
  • Nothing beats a good song popping up on your playlist when all you really want is to get to the freaking finish line already!

Funny and pathetic things that happened at this race:

  • The winner was SO fast (he finished in 24:xx) that I felt like I was barely started when he passed me heading the opposite way just a bit over a mile from the finish!  He also then passed me again later several times as he was cooling down, or just getting more miles, or wasting time or whatever it was he was doing while I trudged along trying to get to that elusive finish line.
  • The winners had already been awarded by the time I finished the race.  I’m used to finishing toward the back of the pack, but that was a first for me.

The most important bit I got from this race:

  • No matter how much I don’t want to run, or how horrible the race is, I’m always glad when it’s all said and done that I got out there and did it.

So what’s up for the rest of the week? I have 2 two mile runs on the schedule for the rest of the week.  I’ll be doing one of them tomorrow morning on the treadmill here at home and the other Saturday morning with a group.
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14 by 40 (1 month down)

It’s been just a little over a month since I turned 39 years old.  Let’s take a look at what progress (if any) I’ve made toward my 14 by 40 goals list.

  1. Train well and finish the Rock n Roll Lex Half Marathon. (I’m already registered and have sort of started training.)  Well, this has changed.  There was a change in the race and I’ve made the decision to step back from the half marathon and instead run the 7 mile option.  I’m actually really happy with this decision and I’ve even set up a training plan with a running coach.
  2. Take a family trip to ________.  I’m thinking just a weekend or long weekend trip.  Not a full on vacation.  Chicago or DC come to mind, Chicago is much closer and would be easiest.  We’ll see. No Progress on this one just yet.
  3. Run in at least three 5k races. I’m running a 5 miler today which I’ll count toward this, I’m considering another 5k in February as well.
  4. Take a cooking class. No progress yet.
  5. Take a trip with Sam (my awesome hubby.)  I really don’t care where, but a few days of quality time with no chores or parenting duties would be like heaven. I don’t have anything scheduled yet, but I think I know where we will go, not telling yet though 😉
  6. Get home to visit each of my parents at least 3 times. I’ve seen them each once so far.
  7. Take part in some sort of artistic class or event. No progress yet.
  8. Host a dinner party or two. No progress yet, need to get on this!
  9. Work on my pathetic push ups.  Train to be able to do 10 good push ups. I kind of half-assed this in December, but definitely not there yet.
  10. Spend a silly amount of money on a pair of shoes I love.  (I’ve NEVER done this, I’m usually way too practical.) Not yet.
  11. Go to at least one concert. Not yet.
  12. Attend at least one play or musical. I’ve attended one with Skylar, and have tickets for a few more.
  13. REALLY for real work on getting a 5k time that doesn’t put me in danger of finishing last. This will start in April, after my 7 miler.
  14. Plan at least 6 fun mommy/daughter dates with my little SkyBaby. 1 down, at least 5 more to go 🙂

I have to say, i’m pretty happy with my progress so far.  When I decided to do an update on this I was thinking I hadn’t done anything at all yet, but I’ve actually got a bit of progress on there.

What I’d like to work on in the next month to make progress on this list:

  • Plan a dinner party for sometime in the next few months.
  • Plan and make reservations for a trip with Sam.
  • Start working on push ups
  • Have at least one mommy/daughter date with Sky.
  • Work hard at keeping with my 7 miler training program.

so, what’s up with you?