December Dozen Update Days 10-12

Just a quick update of how I’ve done this week. (Sorry, this post got way longer than I intended)

First I’ll let you know that I’ve changed my strength training plan from what I originally posted here.  A friend of mine that’s like transformed her body gave me some pointers. Basically rather than doing so many exercises multiple times a week, I’ll be doing super sets for different areas one time a week. Here’s my new plan.

strength training schedule-page-001

So  here’s what I’ve done the last few days.

Monday – day 10: Didn’t start off the week too well, I spent this entire day unshowered, in my jammies, lounging on the couch totally sick.  No exercise today, but I did okay with food and water.

Tuesday – day 11: Went to work today, and coughed ALL DAY LONG.  I felt generally pretty crappy still. Tuesdays are supposed to be a run day for me, but just trying to take a deep breath sent me into coughing fits, so no cardio today.  But even though I REALLY didn’t want to, I made myself do core exercises.  60 seconds of plank (I can’t hold 60 seconds yet, so I held as long as I could, rested a few seconds, then did another plank to get to 60 seconds) and 100 crunches.  I broke the crunches up into smaller sets with short rests in between and they were pretty pathetic, I kept coughing which makes any sort of ab work nearly impossible.  Overall, I’m just feeling pretty good that I did anything today.  I didn’t let the coughing and feeling like crud be used as excuse today.  Go me!
Wednesday – day 12: I got really crappy sleep last night due to a ridiculous amount of coughing. Unfortunately I kept hubby up too. Anyway I went to work with barely any voice. I creaked, crooked, sniffled, and coughed most the morning. I’m sure my coworkers were glad I was there. (sarcasm) By afternoon I had my voice mostly back, but was still coughing and a little wheezy (does that make anyone else think of The Jeffersons?) so no cardio again today.  My abs are slightly sore today, I think I didn’t work hard enough last night though, I feel like they should be a bit more sore. I’m chugging water right now so that I can get my 8 cups in for the day.  I keep forgetting to take my lunches into work, so I ate at the cafeteria at the hospital. wompwomp.  After spending time with my Skybaby (she talked my ear off for seriously an hour straight, then we worked on a few education software programs she uses, did her advent calendar, and read a chapter of Harry Potter – The Order of the Phoenix) and getting her tucked in to bed I once again forced myself to do some of my strength training.  Today was legs (see workout above).  I’ll be honest, I thought that looked pretty easy when I saw it on paper.  OMG, this chick is frickin weak! I actually did pretty well with the squats.  I watched a video on YouTube about how to get the correct form and that was helpful, in the past Squats have often hurt my knees, I wasn’t pushing my bootie back far enough was the problem.  The lunges were killer though, I know I wasn’t dipping down nearly as far as I should have been, but honestly, I just don’t think I’m strong enough to do it yet. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it back up!  I just did the best I could and tried to pay attention to my form.  By the end of the lateral squats (also called lateral lunges i think?) I was dying!

Tomorrow I have off from work.  I have every other Thursday off and I usually try to run on those days, if I have a miraculous recovery tonight I’ll run, but I’m thinking it will just be a walk.  Hopefully my legs are crazy sore, but they feel like jello right now, so I’m guessing they will be.  And I think I’ll shoot for the Push workout tomorrow night.

Hows your week going?

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