Week one of December Dozen

Week 1 of the December Dozen

Well, I’ve f’d this up royally.  How embarrassing.

I started off pretty strong, last Sunday morning was an early wake up to meet up with 3 other ladies for a 7.5 mile run.  As per usual and expected for me, I was the slowest and walked the most, but I’m okay with that.   The whole plan was just to get the mileage in, regardless of how long it took me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the full 7.5 miles completed.  I did get in over 6.5  miles before my feet were KILLING me.  It felt like I was starting to get a few “hot spots” that would become blisters, but I’m not sure what the deal was.  I do have two very small blisters, that aren’t really painful.  But my feet just HURT, the lateral (outside) edge of both feet were very sore and tender for the next 2 days.  While I was still running/walking it felt like a blister, but there is no blister to be seen and it’s not a localized area, it’s a more general area that it just hurts.  I’m not sure what’s up with that. I’m okay with the miles I got in though.  I figure I did 1/2 of a half marathon, which is what I’m “training” for.  And I still have 4 months before the big event, so I think I’m doing okay.

I was S-L-O-W though.  My avg pace was a 16:12 min/mile.  I really need to stop walking for such long stretches at a time, and probably the thing that I feel like I most need to work on is walking quicker when I do walk, there were times today that all of a sudden I’d realize I was just strolling along.

As far as the rest of my December Dozen goals. I’m not excelling.  I’ve done pretty well with the whole water drinking thing.  At least the days I was at work, weekends are another story.  I’ve done zero, zilch, nada on the strength training and I haven’t run at all since my long run last Sunday. I also sucked with the fast food breakfasts.  (I finally got to the grocery store, so I have NO excuse for the lunches and breakfasts this week.)


I can give a million excuses as to why I haven’t done well with this challenge.  But I’m going to be honest, I’ve just not been motivated to do it.  It’s been rainy, so I’ve used that as an excuse.  I’ve not been sleeping well, so I’ve used that as an excuse.  I needed to get groceries, so I’ve used that as an excuse.

I think my mantra for this coming week needs to be, No EXCUSES. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Week one of December Dozen

  1. No excueses – nobody can make it happen except you! If you want something badly enough, nothing will stand in the way of your achieving your goals. Take some time and reassess what you really want to accomplish – and why. Are you doing it for YOU, or because you feel pressured by others? You can only be successful when you genuinely make the commitment to make a change in your life. Good luck – you can do it!

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