December Dozen Day 13 – AKA My Arms are Jello

Thursday, Dec 13

Day 13: Today was a scheduled day off work for me. (I LOVE these days!) It started bright and early with hubby and I working at our daughter’s school selling yo-yos of all things. Weird eh? They went along with this program they had on Tuesday. It was a bit crazy and a TON of kids bought yo-yos. school_assembly_with_yo-yo
I REALLY wanted to run today, I had a partner I could go with, the weather was PERFECT for running. (Sunny and 37deg) but I knew there was just no way this chest cold was going to allow it. And I’ll be honest, my hamstrings and butt are SORE from yesterday’s leg workout. So I’m not sure how a run would have gone even if I’d been able to.
Between grocery trips, dinner, reading with my daughter, taking care of some “cookie mom” duties with my daughter’s brownie troop, and just having some lazy time, I didn’t budget my time as well as I could have today. The walk I planned on taking today turned into a VERY short walk (less than a half mile! whoops!)I guess something is better than nothing though.

I did the PUSH portion of my strength training routine I talked about yesterday. I have some tweaking to do to get the most out of the workout. Some changes I had to make are because I’m really weak. I had to modify the push ups. I knew I’d have to. I can MAYBE get two “real” push ups at a time, that’s it. I had read somewhere once about using your stairs as a way to work your way into push ups. Basically you stand firmly at the base of the steps, not on a stair but the floor beneath, then place your hands 4 or 5 steps up and do your push ups at that incline. Once you can do 12 solid push ups with good form, the next time you move down a step. You continue working your way down the steps until you are doing “real” push ups on the floor. I will be majorly proud of myself when I get to that point. But I’ve got a long way to go for sure!
The next exercise was chair dips. Uh, Ya, apparently I’ve never tried these before. It’s HARD, again, I just wasn’t strong enough to push my full body weight up more than a few times. I replaced them with triceps kickbacks. The rest of the exercises went okay. I wish i had a bench and some heavier weights though. I had to use 10 pound weights for the chest press, which is really light.

I didn’t eat great today, but wasn’t horrible either. My water consumption sucked, I’m really so much better about drinking water when I’m at work. Need to work on that!

Unless I get on the treadmill in the late evening, I doubt i’ll get cardio in tomorrow. Friday’s are hard for me. But I have a 5 mile run/walk planned for first thing Saturday morning. I’ll plan on doing core tomorrow night and the Pull exercises on Saturday.

December Dozen Update Days 10-12

Just a quick update of how I’ve done this week. (Sorry, this post got way longer than I intended)

First I’ll let you know that I’ve changed my strength training plan from what I originally posted here.  A friend of mine that’s like transformed her body gave me some pointers. Basically rather than doing so many exercises multiple times a week, I’ll be doing super sets for different areas one time a week. Here’s my new plan.

strength training schedule-page-001

So  here’s what I’ve done the last few days.

Monday – day 10: Didn’t start off the week too well, I spent this entire day unshowered, in my jammies, lounging on the couch totally sick.  No exercise today, but I did okay with food and water.

Tuesday – day 11: Went to work today, and coughed ALL DAY LONG.  I felt generally pretty crappy still. Tuesdays are supposed to be a run day for me, but just trying to take a deep breath sent me into coughing fits, so no cardio today.  But even though I REALLY didn’t want to, I made myself do core exercises.  60 seconds of plank (I can’t hold 60 seconds yet, so I held as long as I could, rested a few seconds, then did another plank to get to 60 seconds) and 100 crunches.  I broke the crunches up into smaller sets with short rests in between and they were pretty pathetic, I kept coughing which makes any sort of ab work nearly impossible.  Overall, I’m just feeling pretty good that I did anything today.  I didn’t let the coughing and feeling like crud be used as excuse today.  Go me!
Wednesday – day 12: I got really crappy sleep last night due to a ridiculous amount of coughing. Unfortunately I kept hubby up too. Anyway I went to work with barely any voice. I creaked, crooked, sniffled, and coughed most the morning. I’m sure my coworkers were glad I was there. (sarcasm) By afternoon I had my voice mostly back, but was still coughing and a little wheezy (does that make anyone else think of The Jeffersons?) so no cardio again today.  My abs are slightly sore today, I think I didn’t work hard enough last night though, I feel like they should be a bit more sore. I’m chugging water right now so that I can get my 8 cups in for the day.  I keep forgetting to take my lunches into work, so I ate at the cafeteria at the hospital. wompwomp.  After spending time with my Skybaby (she talked my ear off for seriously an hour straight, then we worked on a few education software programs she uses, did her advent calendar, and read a chapter of Harry Potter – The Order of the Phoenix) and getting her tucked in to bed I once again forced myself to do some of my strength training.  Today was legs (see workout above).  I’ll be honest, I thought that looked pretty easy when I saw it on paper.  OMG, this chick is frickin weak! I actually did pretty well with the squats.  I watched a video on YouTube about how to get the correct form and that was helpful, in the past Squats have often hurt my knees, I wasn’t pushing my bootie back far enough was the problem.  The lunges were killer though, I know I wasn’t dipping down nearly as far as I should have been, but honestly, I just don’t think I’m strong enough to do it yet. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it back up!  I just did the best I could and tried to pay attention to my form.  By the end of the lateral squats (also called lateral lunges i think?) I was dying!

Tomorrow I have off from work.  I have every other Thursday off and I usually try to run on those days, if I have a miraculous recovery tonight I’ll run, but I’m thinking it will just be a walk.  Hopefully my legs are crazy sore, but they feel like jello right now, so I’m guessing they will be.  And I think I’ll shoot for the Push workout tomorrow night.

Hows your week going?

what’s up doc?

My annual physical exam was Thursday.

I was DREADING it. I don’t mind going to the doctor’s office. I quite like my doctor, and I don’t really even mind needles. What I didn’t want to face was the scale.
In the 12 months since my last physical exam I have lost and then regained about 30 pounds. Admitting that makes me really uncomfortable. I mean, it’s pretty obvious to people that know me that I’ve lost and gained a decent amount of weight over the last year, but for me to fully admit it and even give a number is pretty difficult.
Luckily, my doctor didn’t harass me about my weight. He knows that I’m working on it, and he left it at that. Once we got past the uncomfortable weight stuff, I was able to discuss some other issues with him.

Specifically we talked about my frustration with my running. The fact that though I’ve been running pretty regularly for about a year, I still get short of breath within minutes of starting to run, even when I run very slowly. (For you sticklers out there, I didn’t really run much at all for about two months over the summer, but other than that I’ve run/walk/exercised pretty regularly the other 10 months of the year.) At first I blamed my gasping and shortness of breath on me being really out of shape, because well, I was crazy out of shape. But slowly, over time, I started to wonder if there was something else going on. Then within about a two week time period 3 different people brought up the suggestion that perhaps I had exercise induced asthma (also called exercise induced bronchospasm). The more I learned about it, the more I felt it was a possibility that’s what I was experiencing.

So, back to the doc’s office, before I was even finished telling him about my breathing issues he was nodding his head. In that office they don’t have the equipment to do testing for a definitive diagnosis, but based on what I told him and my answers to other questions he asked me, he felt like trying out an inhaler was the way to go.

I picked up the inhaler and air chamber yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but definitely will on my next run. My doctor explained the air chamber is just a device to help ensure that I get the proper dosage into my lungs. It probably sounds weird, but I’m kind of excited to try it out. If EIA truly is my issue, and the inhaler helps, I feel like I could make huge improvements with my running. Wish me luck!

Anyone else deal with EIA/EIB? Do you use an inhaler? How helpful has it been? Is it a pain in the butt to use?

Week one of December Dozen

Week 1 of the December Dozen

Well, I’ve f’d this up royally.  How embarrassing.

I started off pretty strong, last Sunday morning was an early wake up to meet up with 3 other ladies for a 7.5 mile run.  As per usual and expected for me, I was the slowest and walked the most, but I’m okay with that.   The whole plan was just to get the mileage in, regardless of how long it took me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the full 7.5 miles completed.  I did get in over 6.5  miles before my feet were KILLING me.  It felt like I was starting to get a few “hot spots” that would become blisters, but I’m not sure what the deal was.  I do have two very small blisters, that aren’t really painful.  But my feet just HURT, the lateral (outside) edge of both feet were very sore and tender for the next 2 days.  While I was still running/walking it felt like a blister, but there is no blister to be seen and it’s not a localized area, it’s a more general area that it just hurts.  I’m not sure what’s up with that. I’m okay with the miles I got in though.  I figure I did 1/2 of a half marathon, which is what I’m “training” for.  And I still have 4 months before the big event, so I think I’m doing okay.

I was S-L-O-W though.  My avg pace was a 16:12 min/mile.  I really need to stop walking for such long stretches at a time, and probably the thing that I feel like I most need to work on is walking quicker when I do walk, there were times today that all of a sudden I’d realize I was just strolling along.

As far as the rest of my December Dozen goals. I’m not excelling.  I’ve done pretty well with the whole water drinking thing.  At least the days I was at work, weekends are another story.  I’ve done zero, zilch, nada on the strength training and I haven’t run at all since my long run last Sunday. I also sucked with the fast food breakfasts.  (I finally got to the grocery store, so I have NO excuse for the lunches and breakfasts this week.)


I can give a million excuses as to why I haven’t done well with this challenge.  But I’m going to be honest, I’ve just not been motivated to do it.  It’s been rainy, so I’ve used that as an excuse.  I’ve not been sleeping well, so I’ve used that as an excuse.  I needed to get groceries, so I’ve used that as an excuse.

I think my mantra for this coming week needs to be, No EXCUSES. Wish me luck.

Girls on the Run


Skybaby and I volunteered at the local Girls on the Run 5k. Girls on the Run is an awesome organization. Never heard of it? You should totally check it out. We worked the water station with 5 other volunteers.

water station at Girls on the Run

water station at Girls on the Run

The temps were in the upper 40’s/low 50’s, so great running weather. There were SO many girls there running, some smiling, some looking like they may puke soon. I really enjoyed volunteering, and working the water station was great, but I wish I could have seen some of those girls crossing the finish line.

I definitely need to volunteer to help out at more races though, it was a great time!

In other news, lookie what came in the mail today!! Amazon had an awesome cyber Monday deal on Garmins. I got the Forerunner 410 for $159. That’s like uber cheap. I’m geeking out and reading through the manual. I’ll have it all charged up and ready to go for my long run tomorrow.

Today is also December 1, which means it’s the first day of my December dozen! I’ll try to give an update every couple of days on how I’m doing with sticking to my plan.

Here’s my plan for the week:
Sunday: run 7.5 miles, biceps,triceps and plank
Monday: sit ups, plank
Tuesday: run 30 minutes. I’ve got a meeting Tuesday evening, so yay I get to run before work. (That’s sarcasm, I do NOT like to get up early.)
Wednesday: squats, plank
Thursday: Yet another early morning run. boo! (30 minutes), plank, push ups
Friday: walk, plank
Saturday is still up in the air. I’ve got 3 miles on the schedule for this weekend. I may even go ahead and register for the Reindeer Ramble 5k this weekend… We’ll see.

So what’s your plan for the week? Have you gotten any new geektastic gadgets?