Let’s get this thing started!

A couple of days ago I posted my December Dozen challenge.   It’s basically my attempt at kicking my arse in gear and getting off this couch that i’ve been stuck to for the last couple of weeks.  Well, tomorrow is December 1.  So now it’s go time!

I’m really hoping that this little self-challenge is the kick i need to get going.  I did the Turkey Strut 5k on the 18th.  And have run only ONCE since then and it was pathetic.  I FORCED myself to get on the treadmill (i HATE the treadmill by the way) and told myself that i had to stay on that dreaded device for a minimum of 20 minutes.  My inner optimist was hoping that once I got to that point I’d be in the groove and ready to knock out at least 3 miles…  uh, no.  This girl had hit stop and was off that treadmill by 20:02!  I mean PATHETIC.  I think I did maybe 1.2 miles?  I basically ran for 2 minutes, then strolled.  I can cling to the fact that at least i got on the dang thing and lasted 20 minutes I guess right?

I was supposed to run on Thursday also, I had the day off work which is the BEST time for me to get a long run in.  No work, and no kid at home.  But, instead I slept in till 9 and just didn’t do it.

But I’m geared up to start on my strength training stuff tomorrow.  (I might tweak my plan a bit based on some tips and suggestions from my friend Leslie who’s worked her butt off in the last year or two and looks HAWT! I’ll post about it later once I’ve decided for sure what I’m going to do.) Speaking of strength training, Fergie’s abs in that video??? Insane!


I’ve got a 7.5 mile run/walk planned for Sunday morning with a few ladies I know and a couple that I’ve never met.  We’re all pretty new runners and all of us are training for various half marathons in the spring. I already feel better just knowing that we’ve got a meeting place and time setup.  I rarely skip runs if I’m meeting people to run with.

So here’s to a new month and a fresh attitude. Wish me luck!

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