Today is my birthday.   And it seems like an important one.  Today is the first day of my last year in my 30s!  (for my slow friends, that means I turned 39 today).   I feel like I need to make the most of this year.

40 just seems old for me.   Like when I was a teenager, 40 was ANCIENT!  So I have this nagging feeling that I’m going to freak out a little bit this time next year.  

My plan of action? Have such a great year that I’m coasting into my 40’s on totally good vibes.

The question is, what do I do this year to make it great?

I’m thinking I need to make myself a challenge, or a list of goals to achieve by my 40th birthday.  Nothing extravagant or crazy, and not TOO hard to achieve, the last thing I need is to set goals I can’t meet and feel like a failure at the end of the year.

Obviously 40 goals by my 40th birthday sounds great, it just flows.  But unless some of those goals are “breathe oxygen” or “use the bathroom” there’s just no way I’m going to accomplish them all.

In the next few days I’ll work on putting together a list of goals and I’ll post them. 


2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. look forward to future posts 🙂

    I’m 46 (47 in a few months) so that huge number 50 is looming

    times running out

    there’s so much to do and be achieved

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